Eliot & Parker
you gotta admit you're addicted to love

one more with birthday girl @bethriesgraf  from The Runway job, we here at the nation would like to wish her the happiest of birthdays!

I only visit the real world when I have to.

FuckYeah! Leverage Time.


Leverage marathon on Ion Television! Just watched the San Lorenzo Job and now on the Long Way Down Job.


so in the french connection job eliot says all the food he makes is his heart

and when parker first starts feeling something it’s after eating eliot’s food

i don’t want to read too much into this but uh

Christian Kane responds to the ALS... | Facebook


In case anyone missed this! It is so adorable how much he is not looking forward to having the water dumped on him, AND his high pitched shocked laugh/scream. 

ANNNND he called out Aldis! 

hahah love it! and he dare Riley! <3

The Librarians PREMIERES December 3rd, 2014!

please check out our favorite Hitter & Ninja Christian Kane :)